30 авг. 2008 г.

Elpa 04: Kondencuotas Pienas - The Man With a Spot on his Chest

1. Liudi Nuvyte Kastonai (4:11)
2. Mano Liudesys (7:20)
3. Sweet Coffee of Your Love (7:56)
4. Zali Zali Per Vista Dugna (6:42)

The album's title is inspired by the common approach to life, meant as coherence in opposing to the banal and the detrimental with our only weapons: imagination and emotions. Our music fundamentally expresses an infinite play of sonic and communicative shapes (glitch, pads, speak & spell) in continuous evolution. The robot's figure is dominant: either as a recollection of a childhood full of myths, giant of steel expression of good, or a transposition of a humanoid universe. hypertechnological but innocent, thinking but still discovering the world. The "plastic pot" is meant to be the mixing of all these ingredients, the melting pot where we tinke searching for the perfect music.

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