25 сент. 2010 г.

Elpa53: CJ City compilation - Out of chill (vol.2)

01. Alex iV - Soul (04:59)
02. A.e.r.o. - Solar Protuberance (05:09)
03. Alex iV - Undercurrent (05:04)
04. Simiram - Sundown Valley (07:40)
05. Eguana - Infinity 6 (06:58)
06. Solid Gear - Speechless Thoughts (04:23)
07. macabro - You hide a star in your pocket (07:14)
08. c.j. mind - Walking on a red grass (05:22)
09. macabro - It rained sugar (04:46)
10. Solid Gear - Consciousness (03:06)

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We continue our career and we represent you a summer selection of tracks cjcity.ru musicians.
It is already the second compilation and we hope, that is not last therefore as the success of the first collection has inspired musicians to a writing of new tracks that, I hope, happens and with the second selection.
Tracks have been this time collected more meditative, quiet, passing into ambient. I hope the second compilation you will like not less, than the first.
From myself personally I express huge gratitude for granting of materials and assiduous work to all musicians from cjcity.ru.

Text by Aleff [Zakat Project]
Cover photo by Eguana

22 сент. 2010 г.

Elpa52: Victims Of Modern Art - Nostalgia

1. Seven Fifty Two (4:01)
2. Join Us (3:38)
3. The Fire In Your Eyes (3:46)
4. Show Yourself (1:12)
5. Something Dry (4:25)
6. Behind A Wall (3:25)
7. Running In Lines(Hidden Track) (3:02)

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The Nostalgia EP is an album that is based off dreams andmemories, and the connections between the two. This was my first album ofelectronic music ever released, so it was recorded and produced in atransitional period for me. I used a fair amount of sampling, special effects,acoustic guitars, and vocals. I hope you enjoy the final product.

All tracks, cover artwork and text by Andrew Perrin

12 сент. 2010 г.