3 окт. 2009 г.

Elpa26: Sea Inside - Step

1. Forgiving (4:05)
2. Telefon Lullaby (5:32)
3. Snow Dance (3:38)
4. Progulka (4:39)

Somebody said a long time ago that old lyrical comedies and melodramas came to mind when he heard our music… “There is always a happy-end.. Poetic person is walking down under snowflakes’ dance, he’s enjoying some lull sound from his phone, then he accepts the call and hears a sweet voice telling him he is loved, and everything is just starting up…” Let it be so!

"Sea Inside": Egor Devyatov, Vova Solomennikov, Dan /NilsOn/ Fominov, John Urakov. It is considered to begin the project from autumn of 2006. Nice, magic and mysterious music of "Sea Inside" has its own peculiarties, sometimes childish and simple, or unchildish and charming, begin attracted to experimental directions in electronic music (IDM, electronica, experimental dance music). "Everybody has its own sea - sea inside. Sometimes we hear it, but sometimes the sea sings, and it is more than music of..." Sea Inside