26 окт. 2011 г.

Elpa76: Radio for the Daydreamers - Mother Superior and Her Fields of Migraine

1. Black River Time Bombs (3:32)
2. With Wings, You Will Learn to Fall (3:01)
3. Wasted Faces in Secret Places (Behind this wall acoustic version) (3:13)
4. Crawl Into My Crawl Space (3:35)
5. Ghosts Keep Me Safe While You Are Gone (Pictures of invisible people remix) (3:59)
6. Magnetar Mephisto (3:49)
7. Goodbye Voltaire (You gave me sleep) (3:43)
8. I am Not Coming Back Home (3:06)
9. Goodbye Voltaire (And all the rain that made me smile) (3:44)
10. No One Ever Comes Here, But Me (død av en spøkelse versjon) (4:36)
11. Always in Hallways (3:16)
12. Curl Up, Time to Die (3:39)
13. Praying for the Be(a)st (1:54)
14. Every God is a Monster (4:05)
15. Freelance Dream Killing Machine (Gunpoint dub mix) (2:58)

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After the first album, Radio for the Daydreamers have worked on defining
their sound much more and have tried to create a balance of different
elements(/genres/styles/whathaveyou) of music. We have collaborated with
some amazing artists recently, and have thence created "Praying for the
be(a)st", a tryptich following a creative non-fiction story of a faustian
Our intentions with this album, were to take elements from avant garde jazz,
classical music, black metal and electronic music and create an

"Mother Superior and Her Fields of Migraine" is the first installment of the
Praying for the be(a)st tryptich. This section tells the story of our
character indulging in misery, self-realization, seclusion, developing
phobias, anxieties and a need to break out to help his own mind. Accepting
negativities, even though it is clear that the consequences of those
negativities would be grim. To accept evil just to get some purpose. This
section of the story takes place in a single room. We hope the music is
picturesque enough for you to immerse yourselves into this story.