23 мая 2010 г.

Elpa43: Eternal Snowfall - Stream of Stars

1. Stars (6:08)
2. Lines & Spheres (6:18)
3. Divided Light (5:17)
4. Aero (4:33)
5. Second Day in the Light (5:20)
6. Hate You (4:09)


13 мая 2010 г.

Elpa42: Josh Winiberg - Fairytale

1. Josh Winiberg - Blocster (6:00)
2. Josh Winiberg - Frühling (4:38)
3. Re-Drum - Cyan (Josh Winiberg Remix) (6:31)
4. Josh Winiberg - Fairytale (6:07)


Fairytale is small collection of my earlier electronic works, written a couple of years ago when I first started producing electronic music. Everything was new to me at the time, and all ideas were experiments. I was working on sound rather than experience or knowledge. Because of this, it has it's imperfections, but they are imperfections which - I hope - serve as part of it's charm.
The only more recent piece is Cyan, which is a remix of a track from Re-Drum's album Colours (released on Torrentech).
Fairytale is my first release on Elpamusic. Thanks to the guys here who put in all the hard work to get our music heard, and thanks to you for listening. I hope you enjoy it.

Photo by Josh Winiberg


All tracks are under creative commons: