7 янв. 2012 г.

Massimo Ruberti - Il mio sogno

Il mio sogno VIDEOCLIP from Massimo Ruberti on Vimeo.

31 дек. 2011 г.

Elpa78: Simiram — Talvinen Juttu

Elpa78: Simiram - Talvinen Juttu
1. Miss X (3:56)
2. Talvinen Juttu (4:51)
3. Noon 2056 (4:10)
4. Little Angel (3:52)
5. Door In The Roof (5:58)
6. Secret Garden (3:48)
7. Slumber (Frozen Bells Mix) (5:00)
8. Wonderland (4:00)
9. Magic Glassblower (4:43)


Ivan ‘Simiram’ Filin fond of music since childhood.
The style of play no role and heard everything from classical to death-metal.
After a close acquaintance with musicians from a variety of electronic projects and pent-up thoughts in 2009, the project was created Simiram.
In early 2010, released first album «Somnii (Winter)».
In February 2011, released second album «Loona».
Also Simiram tracks were in various compilations and albums for other artists (Tunguska EMS, Elpa Compilation, remixes for Zakat Project, Chillzone, etc.).
Huge impact on the project had Dmitry (Astropilot), Oleg (Zakat Project), Dmitry (Zymosis, Alienapia), Sergey (Eguana) and extraordinary works of the art-project Niora.

27 нояб. 2011 г.

Elpa77: Alexey Light - Cold Inside

01. Lose Yourself (2:30)
02. Untitled City (3:01)
03. Pu 239 (6:24)
04. So Cold (4:48)
05. I'm Off (4:48)

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Cold Inside - it's not just music, not just five pieces of music.
Cold Inside - is a world created by the author, and lived through them last year.
The album consists of tracks that complement each other.
Each song carries a lot of dark emotions, which is in every one of us, and who sometimes so hard to get rid of.
Although, these emotions make it clear to us that we are people and we are still alive, just feel them.

26 окт. 2011 г.

Elpa76: Radio for the Daydreamers - Mother Superior and Her Fields of Migraine

1. Black River Time Bombs (3:32)
2. With Wings, You Will Learn to Fall (3:01)
3. Wasted Faces in Secret Places (Behind this wall acoustic version) (3:13)
4. Crawl Into My Crawl Space (3:35)
5. Ghosts Keep Me Safe While You Are Gone (Pictures of invisible people remix) (3:59)
6. Magnetar Mephisto (3:49)
7. Goodbye Voltaire (You gave me sleep) (3:43)
8. I am Not Coming Back Home (3:06)
9. Goodbye Voltaire (And all the rain that made me smile) (3:44)
10. No One Ever Comes Here, But Me (død av en spøkelse versjon) (4:36)
11. Always in Hallways (3:16)
12. Curl Up, Time to Die (3:39)
13. Praying for the Be(a)st (1:54)
14. Every God is a Monster (4:05)
15. Freelance Dream Killing Machine (Gunpoint dub mix) (2:58)

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After the first album, Radio for the Daydreamers have worked on defining
their sound much more and have tried to create a balance of different
elements(/genres/styles/whathaveyou) of music. We have collaborated with
some amazing artists recently, and have thence created "Praying for the
be(a)st", a tryptich following a creative non-fiction story of a faustian
Our intentions with this album, were to take elements from avant garde jazz,
classical music, black metal and electronic music and create an

"Mother Superior and Her Fields of Migraine" is the first installment of the
Praying for the be(a)st tryptich. This section tells the story of our
character indulging in misery, self-realization, seclusion, developing
phobias, anxieties and a need to break out to help his own mind. Accepting
negativities, even though it is clear that the consequences of those
negativities would be grim. To accept evil just to get some purpose. This
section of the story takes place in a single room. We hope the music is
picturesque enough for you to immerse yourselves into this story.

30 сент. 2011 г.

Elpa75: Plastik Kettle - New Horizons

1. Your Words Inside(me) (4:13)
2. Plastik Flowers (5:27)
3. You Make Me Shy (4:14)
4. In My Dreams (5:05)

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We are now entering a new phase, an evolution that will change and improve our DNA.
Human race will discover a new intelligence that could redesign itself and eliminate the risks of self-destruction.
This could only happen if we stop to see ourselves like robots or intelligent machines based on mechanical and electronic components instead of humans beings made of love and pure energy.

Cover artwork by Ron Mazellan

24 сент. 2011 г.

Elpa74: diarmo - Fallen Sun EP

1. Waltz (4:06)
2. AroundToYou (4:10)
3. AnyWays (4:27)
4. The Last Dance (3:43)
5. I like your T-shirt (4:53)
6. wAop (4:33)

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Diarmo is the solo project of Diarmuid Slattery,
a sound designer and musician combing definite traces of drone, ambient, glitch and melancholic, incorporating bent electronics, glitchy re-recorded audio, along with intricate rhythmic programming. Taking influences from a wide range of styles, influenced heavily by early 90's.
Diarmo DJ's and produces many styles of electronic music under his own name and under separate collaborations called Monosum, Samas, _double_d_.
Diarmo released his first tracks on the Samas EP. He has since gone on to release a second six track EP, Circadian, also having tracks appear on a few compilations worldwide.
Recent activities include collaborating on material with Tokyo musician Kuroi Mori, for Kurois forth-coming album released early 2011 and also creating sound designs for visual art, for artists Istvan Laszlo, Sonny sanjay Vadgama. 2010, his first full album release "I am a visitor here" on A Future Without records.
Diarmo works tutoring Music production and creative media production in London Diarmo also started and ran Departures247, a touring collaboration of audio and visual artists from around Europe.

Diarmo Run's Basilar Records, started in 2011.
Labels: A Future Without, Subvariant, Wavemaster.

16 сент. 2011 г.

Elpa73: EugeneKha - POP-UP

1. Oops! (0:12)
2. Cousteau (4:31)
3. Divers Of Love (0:54)
4. Calendar (2:52)
5. Jobo (0:44)
6. Secret Signs (3:37)
7. Chinare (1:29)
8. Heavenly Purple Horses (2:23)
9. Cacopho... (2:52)
10. Astra (4:46)
11. Just One Look (0:23)
12. Jagger-Pop (3:20)
13. Love The Sly (1:20)
14. Little Bond (2:21)
15. Electric Dreadlocks (3:16)
16. The Shadow Of Your Smile (0:45)
17. Noon Lovers (4:13)
18. Your Pocket Filmstar (1:39)
19. Trough Stars (3:04)
20. Come-One (2:56)
21. Will Of Stars (4:55)
22. Pop-Up (0:28)
23. Magic Can Tune In Your Bra (2:10)
24. Rhodes Theme (0:36)
25. White Vodka (4:07)
26. Something Special For You (1:05)
27. Jazzura (0:49)
28. Solar Boat (3:42)
29. Wink Me! (Fin.) (0:11)

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Collages by Anna Kharitonova, 2010