30 авг. 2008 г.

Elpa10: Plico - Music For Little Dreamers

1. My Little Hands (3:01)
2. You Are My Rainbow (6:40)
3. Fluffy Monsters Into My Room (2:19)
4. Painting My Dashboard (3:35)

Plico is a creative project whose aim is to produce, through his sweet melodies, a childlike atmosphere fit to everyone wishes to stop for a moment, close his eyes and dream. Plico gives life to frequencies and vibrations able to soften and purify our spirit from interior caos which wear us down day after day. Delicate, soft, harmonious, Plico project make your mind float dragging it in a whirlpool of sweet sensations. Starting this path isn't hard to do, you just have to put some headphone on and free your imagination.

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