11 нояб. 2009 г.

Elpa27: Data Unit - Zero One

1. For Your Smile (7:28)
2. Analogic Dream (5:21)
3. Melancholy (4:57)
4. Untitled Zero One (4:09)


Data Unit is a French Project in which Philippe (my Brother) is appearing sometimes.
I am François de Benedetti. I used to make some Bands with him and also to play in some others from early 80's in France and UK (mainly in London area) until mid 90's.
I've been much involved in somekind of Cold / Electro experiences.
Playing guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, synths, programming, recording and so on...
Then i've get bored of many things around the music and I decided to stop in 1996.
I've almost started "from scratch" in Summer 2006 because I needed to make some more music again.
So I bought some equipments and plugged them in...
I always been keen on Ambiant and "Enlightened" music so at this moment I've met someone who made me feel comfortable with the idea to get myself involved in this kind of music.
After a while of "higher and lower" times I started Data Unit in 2007 to do whatever I was keen on.
This isn't really easy sometimes but as I'm not able to focus on only one "style" I feel free in this Project.

This Release is the very first one and I'm thankful to Elpa and to all those who kept trusting and helping to make it possible.

François de Benedetti.


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