26 февр. 2010 г.

Elpa37: Cjcity compilation: Out of chill (vol.1)

01. Solid Gear & Abstract Substance - The Wrong Pill (04:37)
02. c.j. mind - Roots search (sun in my head) (03:18)
03. macabro - Iah (04:38)
04. Etern1ty - Free (06:20)
05. Simiram - Serenitatis (06:32)
06. Skin-diver - Time (05:05)
07. The Perfection - Ocean breeze (04:50)
08. Simiram - Dreams (Winter rmx) (05:59)
09. Etern1ty - Extraterrestrial Imagination (03:48)
10. Alexey Ryasnyansky - Boring evening (03:39)
11. Staggerman - Solar rain (04:25)
12. Cj Aist - Stop the time (04:34)
13. macabro - You should be here (04:07)
14. MCV Project - Soul in the Universe (Total Harmonic rmx) (04:21)
15. c.j. mind & man ufo - Four elements (08:29)
16. Solid Gear - Movement of Galaxies (04:36)

Download all tracks in 320kbps & wallpaper

Direct link at release microsite

This collection was the result of work of many artists whose works
You can hear here. Among them were selected the most vivid, most
atmospheric and captivating tracks, allowing to penetrate into the depths
ancient civilizations and plunge into the mysteries of the universe, as well as experience
moments of human emotions, which can both win and make
hate ...
This joint work was made possible through the site and forum cjcity.ru, which
join our efforts in searching for optimal sound and work on the content
kind of music that you can hear in this collection. We hope that our
initiative will continue our colleagues in other styles as well as our
in subsequent editions of compilations Cjcity Compilation: Out of chill.

5 комментариев:

  1. Отличный сборник, рекомендую всем любителям чиллаута!!!

  2. Отлично! :) Мне понравилось.

  3. да, хороший сборник!

  4. really great compilation! i especially like the tracks by Solid Gear that begin and end the mix. where do i find more by this artist??

  5. Amazing compilation , music to open the eyes .
    thank you very much .