30 апр. 2010 г.

Elpa41: Interzone Inc - n3Xtensions

1. Throw it (1:40)
2. You Bet (1:18)
3. After Encounters (2:54)
4. Sandcastle Ruins (4:50)
5. To Far Away (3:18)


So the latest commercial release, n3Xt, is finished and on it’s way out to all major online stores. If you want to buy a “real” CD made from the original wave files, please mail me.
Ok, so what is n3Xtensions? Well, during the process of making n3Xt I recorded quite a few tracks. And when I finalized the release a few of them didn’t make it. Why? Several reasons, but the major is that they didn’t fit in the story I realized I was telling. Ok, some of them didn’t meet my standards, and they will never see the day of light. But the odd ones that I still think are good, but didn’t fit onto n3Xt, what shall I do with them? Answer is simple - They will be released under Creative Commons by Elpamusic, for your listening pleasure!

It's a digital EP with five tracks in two groups. First a set of three short tracks, simple but still intruiging. Then these is the final two, Sandastle Ruins and To Far Away.

Sandcastle Ruins is one of my more harmonic pieces; a string arrangement with some slow, almost thoughtful improvisation. I had an image of an abandoned beach and a big sandcastle that was built by children on a sunny day, now slowly being erased by pouring rain.

To Far Away is the final n3Xtension. It’s about not receiving; about futile repetition for deaf ears or blind eyes. It’s about unheard anxiety and unseen fears. A tribute to vicariousness.

I hope you will enjoy this strange music. You are welcome to visit the website: www.interzones.se for more music.

Cover artwork by Interzone Inc

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