1 авг. 2010 г.

Elpa49: Yuri-G - Blue&Red Visions

1. Short Dream (03:24)
2. Bluegrays (04:20)
3. Storytella (03:19)
4. Wah?trip (04:11)
5. Ice Field (including meltdown) (07:23)
6. Lack Of Nights (03:32)
7. Psychekraut (08:36)

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This release mostly contains of my early guitar/sound/mind works. They have been recorded in time between October 09 and February 10.
It was pretty harsh winter this year, we had -30° Celsius outside, but a couple of things inside always kept me warm. Basically, this release is about that.
All tracks are sort of improvising over a beat and/or a loop. A minimum added afterwards. Catch and capture the state and mood using sound.

All tracks, cover artwork and text by Yuriy Gagarin

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