14 нояб. 2010 г.

Elpa58: YARA - On the Other Side of Autumn

1. Unencountered Blades Sun (6:05)
2. Blind Rain (5:12)
3. Moon (3:05)
4. Hope (4:19)
5. Free Time (2:53)
6. Materialist (4:11)
7. More Remains Nothing (4:07)

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YARA - on the other side of autumn.
It is the music of sensations constructed on neutral emotions it can cause feeling of alienation.
And during too time I tried to make this music interesting and original, I remind that the sound is a vector, the main thing is your level of imagination, and that in what worlds it will result you leaning against the given sound.

Artwork by Olya Generalova

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