18 дек. 2010 г.

Elpa60: Josh Winiberg - Fairytale (Remixed)

1. Fairytale (Original Mix) (6:07)
2. Fairytale (Zakat Project Remix) (5:10)
3. Fairytale (Delayscape Remix) (5:00)
4. Fairytale (Kokido Remix) (4:10)
5. Fairytale (MINT's Dark Castle Remix) (5:34)
6. Fairytale (Plico Ambient Remix) (6:15)
7. Fairytale (Interzone Inc Dream Sequence Remix) (6:24)

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Finally it's happened! Now you can look at different angles into a Josh Winiberg's beautiful Fairytale world, through remixes by some remarkable artists.

Artwork by Papajka

1 комментарий:

  1. Love it.
    Epic melody. One of the best releases until now!