4 июн. 2011 г.

Elpa69: Data Unit - Moonlight Nagara

01. Sea (2:35)
02. Sunday 11am (3:27)
03. Plume (3:03)
04. Grandma's playing marbles and i'm drinking tea (2:04)
05. Spathiphyllum (3:12)
06. Hinode (2:06)
07. Azuki Can (3:37)
08. Christmas is in September (4:11)
09. Departure (2:55)
10. 16 (3:24)
11. 03.45 No Sleep (The Cardigans cover) voice by [A] (3:46)
12. Azur Hotel (4:39)

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Moonlight Nagara was a Project i started as [F]
and then we were running it with [A]
as an internet collab from september 2007 to december 2007.
Our collab has ended four years ago.
Now I want to run it again.
So, these are the tracks we've made.
Then i'll make some new asap.

I have to say the end of this Project gave birth to Data Unit.

As a matter of fact, my love for Japan is not brand new.

François de Benedetti, May 04 2011.

Cover artwork by François de Benedetti

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