27 нояб. 2011 г.

Elpa77: Alexey Light - Cold Inside

01. Lose Yourself (2:30)
02. Untitled City (3:01)
03. Pu 239 (6:24)
04. So Cold (4:48)
05. I'm Off (4:48)

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Cold Inside - it's not just music, not just five pieces of music.
Cold Inside - is a world created by the author, and lived through them last year.
The album consists of tracks that complement each other.
Each song carries a lot of dark emotions, which is in every one of us, and who sometimes so hard to get rid of.
Although, these emotions make it clear to us that we are people and we are still alive, just feel them.

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  1. Отличный альбом! Прям космический получился, а совершенно земные звуки как-то сирена или пиканье кардиографа прямо-таки вырывают с небес на землю...